Photography of minors at sporting events

LookPro Photography has strict rules it adheres to when photographing minors at sporting events

1. We only ever take photos of children if a club, organisation or parent/carer has booked our services. Our services consist of the capture and production of team photos, portrait photos and action photos.

2. All staff that are employed by LookPro Photography (full-time or contractors) have valid Working with Children numbers.

3. Before an event, we check with the club who has hired us if there are any children they are aware of who should not legally be photographed (protected by court order, child custody or under witness protection).

4. We display signage at the venue that allows any parent or carer to advise us that an individual should not have their photo taken.

5. We avoid taking photos of this child or cease photographing the game or activity altogether.

6. After editing, our images get uploaded to a secure password protected website and the passwords for these galleries and URL's we only share with the club or the clubs members.

7. Upon request, we will remove the image/s of children from our galleries.

8. We aim to shoot only the club that has booked our services, and the cropping of our imagery reflects this. (See below example)


If you would like an image from one of our galleries removed contact us for removal.

Further information regarding the laws around photographing minors at sporting events can be found here.