You don't have to keep doing school photos the 'old school' way.

If your school photos were taken over a month ago, there’s no reason why you should still be waiting to receive your photos.

We guarantee delivery times of weeks – not months, ensuring a prompt return of photos to your school or club.
Photos are uploaded to our secure website within 7 business days and prints are returned to your school 3 weeks from that date.1 
Digital downloads are instant and parents can choose our postal option, receiving prints in their letterbox within a matter of days.2

Plus, all our photos are available to view online so parents get to see a great selection of their child’s photos before they buy. This ensures they are 100% happy with their purchase and the quality of the photography has to be of a high-standard. It also takes a lot of the admin work out of your front office. 

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Browse before you buy

No pre-payment or pressure to purchase before photo day. Families can now view all their school photos before they buy. Plus, we take multiple poses, so parents have the option to pick which poses they like the best.

Guaranteed delivery times

Don't wait months for your memories. Photos are uploaded to our site in a matter of days, and our turnaround times average 3 weeks from the last shoot date.

Enterprise level security

Secure admin tools with end-to-end encryption for handling confidential details plus privacy and security technology that goes beyond Australian data protection and (GDPR) requirements.

Less admin

Filling out forms, supplying envelopes to parents and managing money is a thing of the past. We manage the communication process for you and supply all the marketing material needed for a successful photo day.

Contemporary school and sports team photography

School photographers and sports photographers specialising in group photos, portraits, class photos, team photos and on-field action photography. 

Established in 2008, LookPro Photography has built its reputation on exceptional photography, smart systems and a customer experience that goes above and beyond traditional photographic companies. You could say we’re in the business of customer service, but also know how to take a great photo. 

Born on the sports field, our dedication to the craft has ensured we’ve stayed at the top of our game, providing schools, clubs and organisations with high quality photographic products and services that ensure a lifetime of memories for years to come. 


School Photos

Pre-school, primary school and high school. Our class, group and portrait photos provide great value to families without compromising on quality.


Sports Photos

Bundle team photos with individual portraits for the complete package. Our distinctive style in sports sets us apart from the competition.


Sibling Photos

Add sibling photos to any order. We take time with our subjects to ensure we get a great shot of your loved ones. You'll be proud to show these off.



Win on and off the field with custom designed memorabilia specific to your school or club. Our design ideas are next-level and customisable to your needs.

1 Seven business days from the last photo day/s. Dependent on the size of the school or club and being provided with approvals on photos within a timely manner. 2 Postal option incurs a $9.99 P&H charge that is paid for at checkout by the customer. We ship next business day but actual postal time frames are determined by Australia Post. 


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