Photo days should be a fun experience for all involved, but we hear one thing in common between school and sports club administrators. They create more work, sometimes with already stretched resources. Our smart, automated systems kick in even before we take the first photo, leaving you with more time to get on with your job.

Our online ordering system is designed for the future, with today's parents in mind.


Browse before you buy

Our business is based on a post-pay model where pre-purchasing is a thing of the past. Parents don’t purchase anything until they've viewed a gallery of all their child's photographs. Overall, it’s a better experience for our customers, and ensures that the quality of our imagery must be a high standard.

We're here to help you

From the moment your school or sports club comes onboard, we get to work. Our marketing and communication process enables you to worry less about managing orders and allows you to focus on what you do best. Post-pay does away with cumbersome ordering systems and pre-payment headaches. It's as simple as browse, bundle, buy.

Enterprise level security

Our enterprise level security ensures that confidential information is kept confidential. We provide you with an admin portal backed by end-to-end encryption, that allows you to upload school or sports lists securely. This portal becomes your central place to access any student, player or staff photos for your database. All parent data is kept just as securely, with privacy and security technology that goes beyond Australian and GDPR data requirements.

Contactless payments

No more stuffing money into envelopes or filling in messy forms. Parents order in their own time, once they’ve seen their photos, so there’s no pressure to pay before photo day. No more lost forms on the day of the shoot – won’t that make life a lot easier! We’re also happy to personally cater for families that don’t have access to the internet on a per person basis.

Administrators benefit from

Reduced workload

We run the day, with all photo day information and parent communication handled by us

Enterprise level security

End-to-end encryption for sensitive student data

Secure systems

Privacy and security technology that goes beyond Australian data protection and GDPR requirements


Envelopes, paper forms and cash orders are a thing of the past

School incentives

Tell us what will benefit you. It's our way of giving back to your school community

COVID safe

Strict OH&S protocols for our staff members as advised by NSW Government and level of safety
that your school is comfortable with. Read more about our Covid-19 guidelines here

An effortless experience for you and fast, efficient delivery for parents

  • Step 1 - Welcome aboard!

    When you decide to use LookPro as your photography partner your photo day/s are confirmed and we get to work. You can upload confidential data to our secure portal for formatted into our database. This data is matched to the child on photo day.

  • Step 2 - We get to work

    We provide photo day information flyers with a unique image code for each student and supply these to you for distribution. Customers can register for a notification when photos are available online.

  • Step 3 - Smile! It's photo day

    LookPro attends your facility on the nominated photo day/s and completes all students, class and staff photos. Absentees are notified of a re-shoot day (if agreed to prior).

  • Step 4 - Photos uploaded

    We upload photos to our secure site, within 7 days after last shoot day. Customers logon with their access code and preview their child’s photos. At this point they can preview and purchase photos.

  • Step 5 - Photos dispatched

    Customers have the choice of free delivery back to your organisation or they can have their photos home delivered via post for a flat fee of $9.95, dispatched next day of purchasing.

  • Step 6 - Looking Good!

    Customers receive their photos via the chosen delivery method. Photos are still available online for reprints, late orders or other family members to view.

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