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School Administration Managers (SAMs), School Principals and School Headmasters all benefit from our smart online school photography system.  


Browse before you buy

In today's modern world, why can't you view a great selection of your child's school photos online before you buy? Parents can now view all their photos before they decide to purchase. It's a better experience for our customers, and ensures that the quality of our imagery must be a high-standard.

Receive your photos in weeks –
not months

Photos are uploaded to our secure website within 7 business days and prints are returned to your school
3 weeks from that date.
Digital downloads are instant and parents can choose our postal option, to receive prints in their letterbox within a matter of days.2

Less admin work for you

No more stuffing money into envelopes or lost photo forms. Parents opt-in to communication from us and we contact them to let them know when their photos are availabe to view online. Take the stress out of being responsible for 'other peoples' money.

Secure Systems

Our enterprise level security ensures that confidential information is kept confidential. We provide you with an admin portal backed by end-to-end encryption that allows you to upload your group lists securely. This portal becomes your central place to access any individual or group photos for your database. Parent data is kept just as securely, with privacy and security protocols that go beyond Australian and GDPR data requirements.

Complimentary for your school

Digital archival copies
A copy of your students, staff and group photos for your database and archival purposes

Framed enlargement
Glass framed photo or composite photo of the whole school

Staff photos
A free staff pack and digital portraits for professional use

Hardship package
Complimentary pack/s for a family that needs it most
Photo album
Premium coffee table style book containing class groups and school photos 

Admin portal
An easy to access admin portal to download and manage student photos for your school's software platform

School incentives
What else would benefit your school? Commission based arrangement or any existing 'good will' you're currently receiving

1 Seven business days from the last photo day/s. Sports clubs photographed with green screen technique may take longer. Timings also dependent on the size of the school or club and being provided with approvals on photos. 2 Postal option incurs a $9.99 P&H charge that is paid for at checkout by the customer. We ship next business day but actual postal time frames are determined by Australia Post. 

An effortless experience for you and fast, efficient delivery for parents

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  • Step 1 - Getting started

    Upload student lists to our secure portal so we can supply photo day information flyers with a unique image code for each student for distribution. Customers opt-in to receive a notification when photos are availabe online. We also provide you with marketing material to help promote the day.

  • Step 2 - Photo day

    LookPro attends your school campus on the nominated photo day/s and completes all students, class, sibling and staff photos. A reminder flyer is supplied to children who’s parents haven't yet registered to be notified when photos are availabe online.

  • Step 3 - Production

    Photos begin production and we send proofs to the school for approvals. Once these are approved, we upload the job to our secure site. An email notification is sent out so parents who have pre-registered to access their photos and purchase online. If parents haven’t registered yet they can still do so.

  • Step 4 - Delivery

    The initial discount period of 10 days begins once a parent has logged in for the first time. If they decide to purchase they have the option of free ’return to school’ or postage home – next business day. After 14 days of the photos being available, we finalise any last orders, print and pack the job to return orders to the school.