Frequently Asked Questions

Booking a photo session

Usually Nothing! It all depends on the size of your club, so we ask that you contact us first or fill in the Booking Form and we’ll get back to you.
Not necessarily. The best way to find out is to fill in the Booking Form so we can get back to you with further information
Yes. It all depends on the season and our schedule. We try and accommodate every clubs chosen date, although sometimes it’s just not possible.
Of course, although we’d rather you moved your date to another preferred day. If you would like to cancel your booking altogether, please give at least 1 weeks notice (although we’d rather 2!)

On the day

Once you’ve made a booking we’ll send you out an information pack that contains lots of information for yourself and your players. It’s pretty simple though, we arrive, set-up, you smile for the camera and it looks good.  
Usually they are, because either a coach, manager or trainer is in the photo. We ask that at least one adult (for junior grades) familiar with the team is present when shooting teams as we need a representative from the team to assist in filling out the names of all the players for the team photos.  
It’s always good to have a back-up plan, so if there’s an indoor location we can take the photos (club house, gym etc) we’re happy to change locations. It’s easier to get undercover than to move the day, plus we don’t like getting our cameras wet!
Usually we just print Absent and list the players names that couldn’t make it. We’re great at Photoshop though so if for some reason that player simply has to be in this years photo, there’s a couple of ways we can get around it.
It depends, although we usually allow about 20min for both a team photo and all the players individual photos per team.

Purchasing Images 

You can view your images by clicking on the Galleries link in the blue navigation bar on the homepage. Here you’ll be able to view a number of galleries. Simply click on the feature image of your gallery and browse all available images within the gallery.
Our purchasing process is quite straight forward, but if you need some help, refer to the instructions below or call 1300 559 653.

Once you’ve selected an image you’d like to purchase, simply add it to your cart, using the Add to cart icon just to the top right of the image. A new window will pop up with three tabs in the top right hand corner. Prints, Packages or Downloads.

Individual Prints
If you’d like to purchase individual prints, make sure the Prints tab at the top right of the pop-up window is checked and simply click the + button under the Quantity column in each of the sizes that you’re after. Once you’re finished click on the Add to Cart button in the bottom right of the pop up screen.

If you’d like to bundle some images to make a package, click the Packages tab at the top right  of the pop-up window. Here you’ll be able to select the package that you’d like to order from. Don’t worry if you haven’t selected your images yet as another pop-up screen will guide you through the images in you chosen gallery.

If you’d like to download an image, click on the Downloads tab at the top right of the pop-up window. You’ll be provided with a choice of how you intend to use the image. If it’s for personal use, such as printing at home or using on the web, click on the highlighted box labeled Personal Use.

For commercial or editorial use, click on the highlighted box labeled Commercial/Editorial Use. You will be given options around usage terms that will need to be filled in before you can add an image to your cart. If purchasing for this intended use, you will always be given the highest resolution image available.

A lot of pre-booked team and individual photos are usually paid by cash via our pre-printed envelopes. If you would like to re-order an image or purchase and added shot, we accept Visa, Mastercard and American Express via our PayPal payment portal.


Pre-booked team and individual photos are back to your club within 14 days or less. If you order an image from our website, it is shipped next-day via Australia Post.
Free for pre-booked team and individual photos.

$10 for online purchases up to 12×8″
$15 for posters and large format prints

What makes a great image

There’s several elements that go into making a great sporting image – emotion, action and a sense of being there all make for spectacular images, but there’s some technical aspects that should be considered as well.

Firstly, if we’re covering action we always make sure that the image is sharp (in focus). And when we say sharp, we mean pin sharp – because anything less gets discarded.

Composition and cropping of an image is vital to drawing the eye into the shot. Cropping out the ball in field sports or not having the ball racquet or bat in the shot is generally a no, no. Also cropping out limbs, feet and hands is avoided but in some cases can’t be helped. If a crop doesn’t look right, we simply won’t use it.

The correct lighting can make or break a shot so we’re really careful about how we position ourselves when shooting images. The old trick of having the sun behind you doesn’t always apply in sports photography as bodies in play can change direction rapidly and dark shadows across peoples faces don’t make great pictures.

Exposure is equally important as to how a shot is lit. Overexposing an image will create a washed out print, while underexposing will create dark prints that don’t look great. Keeping a regular eye on metering while shooting sports is essential for creating great sporting images.

Backgrounds of images are just as important as the foreground of an image so we’re always taking into account what is behind the action. In amateur sports, it’s sometimes hard to control the backgrounds of shots as cars, other people, signs and unsightly fences etc all come into play.

Fast lenses and professional camera bodies are a must when shooting sports. A fast lens with a large aperture allows you to shoot in low light conditions and a professional camera body gives you the shutter speeds and image quality that you need to be able to work with high-resolution files. We use Canon 1D cameras and L-Series lenses for all our of work both on and off the field.

Make sure the images you’re buying of your sporting team are the best they can be. Ask yourself:

  •  Is the shot in focus? 
  • Have any limbs been cropped out?
  • Is the background as clean as it can be?
  • Is the lighting just right? 
  • And most importantly, does the shot look professional?
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